Medical Facilities

If any cadet feels sick, he will have proper treatment by a qualified doctor and competent staff. In addition to the general treatment, the cadets are given preliminary vaccines against Typhoid, Cholera, Tetanus and Hepatitis B. If necessary, the cadets may be referred to concerned specialists for further treatment. The expenses for such consultation / treatments are to be borne by parents.

House System

Cadet College Killa Saifullah is a fully residential/boarding institution. All the cadets live in four (04) wings (Hostel) namely Jinnah Wing, Iqbal Wing, Nashter Wing and Abdali Wing. All the houses are under the supervision of a House Master (HM) assisted by Assistant House Master (AHM) and House Tutors. The House Staff is responsible for compliance of Daily Routine and day to day affairs regarding cadets. It is formatted according to the requirements.

Cadets' Mess

Cadets College Killa Saifullah has a fully equipped Cadets' Mess with trained and experienced staff. This is very essential to provide nutrient and quality food to the Cadets. The mess is under the supervision of Mess committee headed by a senior faculty member (Chairman Mess Committee) assisted by Messing Officer. Other staff includes a Caterer, Storekeeper, Cooks, Bearers, Dish Washer and Helpers.

Labs. & Library

Laboratories and Library plays a vital role in the study. In the absence of fully outfitted and operational laboratories, completion of courses is out of imagination. Cadet College Killa Saifullah is facilitated with modern and outfitted Science laboratories for each genre including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Audio-Visual (Language) and Computer Labs are also now fully functional. Cadets are getting full benefit of the modern technology available there in both of these laboratories. It is mandatory for all the cadets to attend the classes, in both of these laboratories, specially included in the time table.

The College Library is also functioning at full swing with a huge numbers of a variety of books. The Cadets are getting full benefit and utilizing their leisure in studies. This is producing a sense of usefulness of study.