The curriculum is based on the syllabus prescribed by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Quetta. Cadet College Killa Saifullah conducts following examinations in order to evaluate progress of the Cadets:

Weekly Tests

These are held on regular basis after the completion of a portion of studies. This helps to evaluate the academic progress of the Cadets and inculcate habits of regular studies.

Monthly Tests

At the end of each month, the Cadets are to undergo a monthly test. This is helpful to observe their progress after a specified period. The Parents are also informed about the progress of their sons/wards by the College on monthly basis.

Promotion (Annual) Examination

Promotion/Annual examinations are held after the completion of each session (Term). Promotion to next class is not automatic. A cadet has to qualify Promotion (Annual) Examination by obtaining 40% marks in each subject otherwise he will not be promoted to the next class.

Send-up Examination (Metric & F.Sc.)

Cadets have to pass the examination specially conducted for the purpose of sending their admission forms for the Board-Examination. In case of failure, the admission forms may be with-held.