Aims & Objectives


Cadet College Killa Saifullah aims at imparting quality education in a conducive environment with an epigrammatic look on character building of the future leadership of Pakistan.


Cadet College Killa Saifullah has a vision:

  • To develop an institution of repute that prides it in providing “Quality Education” in a professional and modern environment.
  • To develop ethics and morality with strong love for the motherland, Pakistan.
  • To develop positive attitude helpful to produce best observers, thinkers and leaders.
  • To excel academically as well as socially with sound moral values to face the challenges of 21st century successfully.


Cadet means the young person who is under training to become an officer in armed forces, therefore, this college aims at:

  • Training them to attain the qualities of head and heart which can facilitate them to join the armed forces.
  • Design the curriculum to inflame the intelligence of young cadets so that, they would use their own power of intelligence to its optimum capacity.
  • Over all grooming, this will fit the cadets to perform their duties justly and skillfully in private and public sectors, during peace and war.
  • Ultimately, to produce future leadership which is physically fit, mentally alert, morally upright and imbued with national spirit to serve the mother land, Pakistan devotedly and selflessly.


Our decisive objectives are:

  • To provide professional development to the cadets that is based on observed needs, college mission and aims.
  • To uplift the infra structures of college including laboratories, auditorium, play grounds, hostels, library, etc.
  • To make the College one of the best institution not only of the Balochistan but of a whole country.